Parent PLUS Loan Repayment

With any loan, it is imperative that you understand the repayment process and plans before signing. The Federal Parent PLUS loan is eligible for a variety of repayment incentives and plans. Below is a brief overview of the different repayment benefits PLUS loans offer.

Repayment Options

Parent PLUS loans come with a few payment plan options for borrowers. Choose from Standard, Graduated, or Extended Repayment options depending on which suits your needs. Lean more about each of these repayment options.

Deferment and Forbearance

Deferment and forbearance are two options that allow borrowers to postpone all or part of a loan payment for a certain period. PLUS loans do provide some debt relief through the options and can help during times of financial hardship. By taking advantage of these options, borrowers can effectively manage repayment while avoiding default. Find out more about your PLUS deferment and forbearance options.


Consolidation can help make repayment simpler by combining all of your federal PLUS loans into one easy-to-manage loan. In addition, PLUS loans benefits can include:

  • One easy payment to make instead of many
  • Improved credit
  • Lower monthly payments through greater loan term

Find more federal PLUS loan consolidation information.

Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness is a benefit of most federal loans, and the PLUS is no exception. Learn about this great repayment benefit and find out if you qualify for PLUS loan forgiveness.

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