Applying for a Parent PLUS Loan is Quick and Easy

Parent PLUS Loans

Do you need help paying for your child's college education? The Federal Parent PLUS Loan provide affordable financing to parents and guardians with good credit to cover educational expenses.

PLUS Loan funds can be used for tuition, school supplies, housing, and more.

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What student loan options do parents have?

While student loans are a helpful way to pay for college, make sure your child exhausts their scholarship options first. We'll help you get started with the ScholarshipPoints program, and our college scholarship search site, Student Scholarship Search.

After you have exhausted all scholarship resources, it's time to apply for federal loans such as the Stafford loan and Federal Parent PLUS loan. For more detailed information on the PLUS Loan, view rates, benefits and FAQs. If federal financial aid and scholarships aren't enough, you can investigate private loans, which are non-need based, credit-based loans for students.

Federal Parent PLUS loans are obtained from the US Department of Education's Direct Loan program through the college's financial aid office. Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to become eligible for the Federal Parent PLUS loan and the unsubsidized Federal Stafford loan, even if they do not expect to qualify for need-based federal student aid. Contact your college's financial aid office to apply for a Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

Federal PLUS Loans as an Alternative Option

The Federal PLUS Loan provides parents with an alternative option for paying for their child's education. The benefits of the PLUS loan include a low fixed rate and favorable repayment terms. Some parents do not like the fact the the loan is in the parents name and therefore look for other options. Compare student loans and make sure you choose the right loan for your needs.

Graduate students can apply for a Graduate PLUS loan to cover tuition, books, supplies, housing expenses and more.